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Load speed is key to any well performing website, reach more customers and appear more professional by optimising your web pages to load instantly on any device.

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A need for page load speed.

Page load speed is very important, users do not like to wait to see content, and it's been shown that 40% of users will abandon a webpage that doesn't load within the first few seconds.

If you have a slow loading webpage this could be holding your business back in a number of ways. Slow loading sites will be penalised by search engines and will appear lower in the search results pages./p>

Companies have reported a direct correlation between page load performance and conversion performance. This is understandable as a page which is slow to load will frustrate visitors before they have even looked at what your page has to offer.

A slow loading webpage will receive less traffic, have higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates.

I can improve your website loading times.

Your website doesn't need to be really slow before you will start to see some of the negative affects of the slow loading times, the difference of a few seconds can have a drastic effect on the user experience.

You may have been losing thousands in potential revenue through website load issues without even realising it's happening.

My page speed optimisation service can help you achieve the highest scores (>90%) in page speed tests and drastically improve the overall performance of your website.

I will test and optimise all aspects of your site to identify the bottlenecks and resolve the issues, common areas for improvement include:

  • Image compression and optimisation
  • Optimising, minifying and combining JavaScript and CSS files
  • Correctly configuring web hosting server for caching and compression
  • Reducing redirects and HTTP requests
  • Correctly implementing efficient loading strategies for external scripts and fonts
  • Server and hosting optimisations to minimise time to first byte TTFB
  • Database and query optimisation
  • Advanced caching strategies
  • Dedicated, custom built web hosting
“James was a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process, great communication and he offered brilliant suggestions for improvements that we hadn't even considered. The work was delivered quickly and on budget would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new website!”
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