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Does your site design feel dated, or are you struggling to convert or engage your users? Perhaps you need a full website redesign.

Give your site a makeover and improve it's performance with a fresh new design.

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Are there signs that your site needs a makeover?

Does you site feel like it's not performing as well as it could? is there functionality that's buggy or are the pages sluggish to load? are bounce rates high and conversions low? maybe you need to redesign your site.

A full site redesign can be a drastic step, but it can also give you a heap of benefits. Redesigning an entire site allows you to draw on the knowledge you have gained from your current design, and make improvements across the board.

It can also revitalise your brand and give your business a dramatic boost in online presence and brand engagement.

A professional redesign process that works.

Using an analytical, test-driven approach to design, coupled with the latest modern design trends can work wonders for your sites performance.

To begin we will analyse your current sites performance and transfer the intelligence we have into structured user stories and interface diagrams. This data will form the basis of an incremental wireframing, prototyping and testing process which we will develop into a professional, modern design which doesn't just look great, but performs amazingly.

What can be fixed by redesigning your website?

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Functionality Issues

Does your site have functionality that doesn't work properly? is the functionality too basic and the UX too clunky? or do you think it could be more useful than it it now for your users?

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Outdated Design

Design trends change all the time. If your website was built a while ago it might appear dated or old fashioned, or it might not look brilliant on brand new devices. An outdated design might put off some users an make your business appear inactive.

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Navigation or Organisation Issues

These issues may be hard to spot at a glance, but do you have high value content which is buried and not receiving as much traffic as it should, are your users struggling to find the content they are looking for or are you struggling to funnel your site visitors down conversion paths from landing pages?

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Falling behind the curve

Keeping up with competitors can be hard, is your website falling behind others in the SERPs or do your competitors sites have functionality that is outperforming yours?

“James was a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process, great communication and he offered brilliant suggestions for improvements that we hadn't even considered. The work was delivered quickly and on budget would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new website!”
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