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Realise your websites potential.

The goal of any website is to reach customers, whether to drive sales to your business, generate new leads, or provide a valuable service - without users your website is nothing.

I offer comprehensive SEO services which drive sales as well as traffic.

With a detailed analysis of your current SEO performance, we can identify areas of improvement and start optimising for better performance across the web.

As a long term marketing partner I will assess the performance on a monthly basis, making incremental changes based on real feedback data and insights, to build a solid SEO base for your website.

My SEO services include:

  • On page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO

My SEO approach.

Everything I do is 'white-hat', designed to create a solid base for long-term, scalable SEO success. I don't use any 'tricks' to temporarily boost SEO performance, rather a strategic, thoughtful approach to SEO optimisation that puts your business goals first.

Together we'll define your SEO goals, and draw up a detailed online marketing strategy for your business, we'll optimise every corner of your site to perform to it's maximum potential, and start a process of incremental updates and monitoring to identify and improve on all areas of your sites performance.

How does it work?

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#1. Research & Audit.

Conducting a thorough site audit can identify issues in your sites code base or structure which may be hindering your sites performance, it can also identify areas in which you are currently doing well. Researching the market and competitors, and conducting keyword and search trends research gives us the knowledge base required to build a solid marketing strategy.

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#2. Optimise.

I will start by optimising all areas of your site, this means making code changes and restructuring, ensuring that your online property is as well prepared as possible to perform. I will also advise and assist in methods of off-site SEO which your business can use to boost performance.

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#3. Monitor & Analyse.

We will carefully monitor your sites SEO performance over time, looking for useful insights in user's behaviour and areas which can be improved upon.

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#4 Rinse & Repeat.

Building a strong presence in the natural search results can take time, especially in a crowed niche. We will adopt an iterative approach with monthly reviews to create a bullet-proof marketing strategy that will get results.

“James was a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process, great communication and he offered brilliant suggestions for improvements that we hadn't even considered. The work was delivered quickly and on budget would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new website!”
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