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The most commonly used technologies in my development stack.

As a full stack developer I am required to have knowlege of a multitude of technologies, below are some of the most commonly used technologies in my projects.

I am a strong believer that developers shouldn't pigeon hole themselves into using a single technology or programming language for everything they do, and should rather focus on mastering the theory and science behind each programming language, this mindset allows a developer to pick up new languages with ease and select the best suited tool for each task.


Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. It is widely used across web technologies to build web applications, standard libraries, servers and other system utilities. In conjunction with the Rails (Ruby-on-Rails) framework it is considered one of the most powerful and secure web technologies in existence. I use Ruby (and Rails) to develop high functioning backend software, api's and web applications.


Javascript (JS) is a scripting language, primarily designed for use on the web. At it's core it was intended to create interactivity and enchance web pages with dynamic functions. In modern web development technologies such as node.js have made javascript very powerful for creating both front and backend software and progressive webapps. I use javascript and node.js, and frameworks such as React and Angular to create progressive, dynamic and powerful web applications.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the authoring language used to create documents for the web. HTML code defines the structure and layout of the webpage and forms the basis of any website.


CSS is the language used to style webpages, defining colours, sizes, fonts and the style of all visual elements, together with pre-prossecing libraries (SASS, LESS) mastering CSS is essential to build beautiful, modern webpages.


SQL (MySQL) is a querying language used to query relational databases. Having a strong knowledge of SQL allows me to create complex queries with ease, and to understand where performance issues might occur and optimise the queries effectively.

These are the most commonly used technologies, however there are much more that I use on a daily basis. Including MongoDB, JSON, Redis, Unix/linux and andriod. I will always asses a task and select the language or technology which is most suited for the job.

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